Sami Miró is the owner, creative director and designer of the Los Angeles-based eco-conscious clothing company, Sami Miro Vintage. Miró's social responsibility “to do better for our planet” is engrained through every step of her supply chain. To support the local community and reduce Sami Miro Vintage's carbon footprint, all garments are created from locally-sourced deadstock and vintage fabrics from within a 15-mile radius of HQ, as well as SMV-exclusive plant-based and certified fabrics developed and manufactured in Los Angeles from natural fibers devoid of chemicals and with minimal water usage. All of SMV’s sewing partners are family-owned and operated businesses, committed to providing fair wages and safe-working conditions. Born and raised in San Francisco, Miró landed in fashion after obtaining her master’s degree in Global Entrepreneurship and working at a tech start-up for four years, where she helped to bring a brand and product line from inception to market. This background provided a unique and helpful perspective as she entered the fashion industry as an entrepreneur. Sami Miró debuted her Spring/Summer 30-piece runway collaboration with Heron Preston during June 2019 Paris Fashion Week. She has also released ready-to-wear a collection with Nike and designed Samsung’s first-ever sustainable watch products in collaboration with Sami Miro Vintage. In 2021, Miró was one of five designers recognized and awarded a grant by the CFDA and Fashion Trust US. Additionally, she has been featured in numerous publications, including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Forbes for her eponymous brand’s approach to eco-conscious, luxurious clothing. She is uniquely positioned as a force in design and activism, which to her are inseparable, and the world, revolutionary. “Protect Mother Earth. Without her, we do not exist.” - Sami Miró

Height   5'5''
Waist   25''
Hair   Black
Eyes   Brown