charlotte d'alessio

Originally from Canada, CHARLOTTE D'ALESSIO is a multi-hyphenate who has ventured successfully onto numerous career paths and hopes to inspire others towards reaching their goals. After being discovered in 2015, she quickly gained opportunities within the fashion industry, including landing a campaign for Marc Jacobs' Daisy fragrance. She now lives in New York City and balances her career with fruitful personal projects. Charlotte has always maintained a strong desire to speak out on mental health issues and struggles, having started an organization called The Teen Mental Health Project in Toronto at the young age of 15 and conducting a 10K run across the city to support the cause. A few years later, Charlotte harnessed the power of self-expression through a personal blog, Between Good & Evil, which she has since modernized into a well-received podcast. Through conversations with individuals from all walks of life & industries, BGE focuses mostly on society, culture, and day-to-day human vulnerabilities. Today, her ongoing purpose remains focused on helping others alleviate burdens while unlocking their human potential.

Height   5'7''
Bust   32''
Waist   24''
Hips   34''
Shoe   8 1/2
Pronouns   She/Her