ZINNIA believes in the power of environment, humanity, community & seeking truth. Her ground-breaking work pushes for positive behavior change through shared awareness, understanding and empowerment, while her academic and advocacy background deeply intersect her personal passions. As a chartered CIEEM Ecologist, conservation biologist, environmental impact awareness advocate & environmental sustainability manager addressing circularity in the fashion, media & natural resources sectors, Zinnia has worked for government & NGO’s including Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), Department of Environment, Ecology & Evolution Research Centre, Australian Museum as well as protected World Heritage sites & Ramsar convention wetlands. Alongside Ecology, Zinnia advocates for uncovering the Politics of Beauty, which involves deconstruction & decolonization of discriminative beauty perceptions stemming from social stereotypes & historic scientific racism. Her work delves into colourism, orientalism, implicit bias, and a lack of racial & ethnic inclusion in media & fashion spaces. A beauty politics advocate & published Human Evolutionary Psychologist looking at attraction, Zinnia’s research, writing, podcasts & talks have been featured by The Royal Society, Science, Time, The New York Times, Forbes, Vanity Fair, Vogue amongst many others. Driven by her own experience of being a disadvantaged student, for the past decade Zinnia has been empowering, improving educational access & life outcomes for disadvantaged & refugee youth in marginalized communities in Australia, Thailand, India & the UK. Her humanitarian work encompasses working with Government & NGO’s including Departmentof Foreign Affairs, Royal Thai Government, Australian Department of Education and UN accredited education charity Think Equal founded by Leslee Udwin. She will soon be launching The Dotted Line, a social impact agency that functions as a production & advertising studio, bridging culture and commerce by combining science & art.

Height   5'9''
Bust   31''
Waist   23''
Hips   34''
Shoe   8 1/2
Hair   Black
Eyes   Brown
Pronouns   She/Her