adam kenworthy

ADAM KENWORTHY is a celebrated figure within the ever-growing plant-based culinary world. After graduating from Colorado State University, he embarked on a journey to explore the interconnected relationship between diet and athletic performance. For years, he has examined plant-centric diets, remedies, flavors, and cooking techniques from around the world that color his palette and cooking style, all the while seeking to achieve optimum sensory reward and positive benefits for both body and soul. His versatility and unique style reached a pinnacle in 2017, when he won the Food Network cooking competition Chopped. All in all, Adam's ongoing quest has led to a profound passion for farm-to-table cooking through sustainably sourced agriculture. In 2010, he founded Finca Santa Marta, a non-profit organization in Nicaragua that focused on gardening, farming, and educating youth on the importance of eating healthy. Adam currently resides in New York City, where he works as a culinary consultant for various restaurants and hospitality groups. His projects also include brand development for health and wellness companies such as Welleco.