adam bartoshesky

ADAM BARTOSHESKY first picked up his first camera 10 years ago before a surf trip to Peru, and has been addicted to capturing moments ever since. His career started behind the camera, but in 2015 he began finding himself on the other side of the lens after being scouted for modeling and he quickly became recognized for his classic look. After a stint doing traditional print modeling, Adam shifted his focus to the digital world which has allowed him to express his true self, keep traveling, and put his creative pursuits at the forefront of his agenda. Most recently, Adam directed, photographed, and produced a photo campaign and short film for Orlebar Brown. He also completed a unique photo story for Dior surrounding their collaboration with Shawn Stussy which hit the runway in Miami in December of 2019. In addition to photo and directorial projects, brainstorming new creative content, and searching for waves, you can find him making the rounds at various international fashion weeks. Outside of the creative world, you can find him giving back to his community and getting involved in various charities to help protect our environment and our oceans.