Sydney Parker

sydney parker

Raised in Seattle and now residing in Los Angeles, SYDNEY PARKER leads a new generation of fashion personalities who have cultivated significant communities through the mediums of gaming, streaming, and content creation. A lifelong basketball player and track runner, she also grew up with a fervent love for comics and the superhero genre. Since the start of her streaming career in 2019, she has drawn an online audience who both share similar interests and support her ongoing growth with enthusiasm. In addition, Sydney supplements her day-to-day schedule with work in the fashion, beauty, and modeling sectors, where she has also found great success. Her recent partnerships include Volkswagen, StockX, Savage x Fenty, and many more. Beyond her personal accolades, Sydney is also a member of the popular content collective OfflineTV, which commands over 3 million followers on YouTube and consists of some of the most well-known individuals in today's content creation and streaming worlds.

Height   5'7''
Bust   34''
Waist   27''
Hips   37''
Shoe   9
Hair   Brown
Eyes   Brown